We are an authorized service of JELCZ cars

Service and technical service, warranty repairs, post-warranty inspections

Our company is an authorized service point for Jelcz cars.

The Star San Duo company based in Starachowice is an authorized service center for Jelcz trucks. We have many years of experience with vehicles from Jelcz-Laskowice.

One of our main areas of activity is service and technical service, warranty repairs, post-warranty inspections as well as major, current and post-accident repairs of Jelcz vehicles.

Our qualified staff pays the greatest attention to work related to major repairs, servicing and inspection of vehicles for the Polish Army. All work is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s documentation and recommendations.

In response to the needs of the Polish Armed Forces, the Jelcz company designed and delivers to the Polish Army its first two-axle 4 × 4 chassis, which is designed to work in the toughest conditions.
Jelcz 442 “Bartek” became the successor of the truck, which was used by the Polish Armed Forces for years, ie: STAR 266, which was produced at the Truck Factory in Starachowice.